Don’t Just Google “Personal CPA Near Me” – These are Five Reasons to Choose Us!

In life, there are two absolutes: death and taxes. When dealing with something that’s so critical to your financial future, you have to do more than simply Google “personal CPA near me.” You want to make sure you get the most qualified personal CPA to cover everything from taxes to financial planning, and that takes a little bit of investigating and weeding through the many CPAs out there. These are just five of the biggest reasons to choose us!

Certified and Experienced CPAs

Getting your taxes right and monitoring your financial health takes more than just a bookkeeping service. Hire someone who is a certified public accountant to ensure that they are up-to-date with new changes in the tax code and are qualified and legally allowed to file your taxes. If something is not correct, you want someone on your side to make sure that the situation gets fixed – not someone who thinks they have done the math correctly.

Quickbooks Alone Doesn’t Always Cut It

Quickbooks is a great avenue for people who want to do their own taxes, but when you consider the cost of the program, how much time it takes you, and the fact that only a real-life accountant can ensure that you have taken all the deductions possible, it doesn’t make any sense to pay dollars to do it yourself! If you want to make sure that you are compliant and that you have written off all that you are allowed to, having the professional advice of a personal CPA cannot be matched by a software program!

Financial Planning

Personal CPAs aren’t just about doing your taxes and meeting with you once a year during tax season. A CPA can help you with your financial health from year to year and as you go from one life stage to the next. Meeting with a financial advisor at least once a year will not just ensure that your tax obligations are met; it will also ensure that you have exhausted all the ways that you can maximize things like tax-deferred savings!

Debt Consolidation

If you find yourself in debt it can sometimes feel as if there is no way out. The more you get in deep, the deeper in you get. Most people can’t ever get ahead of what they owe because they can barely pay the finance charges. A CPA can help you with debt consolidation and find ways to create a solid plan to be in the black again, and to start putting money away for a rainy day.

Internal Revenue Service Audits and Reviews of your taxes

If you should ever be audited, you need the guidance and assistance of a certified CPA to help you find a way to rectify the situation. Obviously, the best way to avoid an audit or the need for IRS representation to begin with is by hiring a personal CPA. If you don’t and you find yourself in trouble, we are the experts to call!

When dealing with something as serious as being tax compliant, you want to do more than just Google “personal CPA hear me.” Make sure that you have the professionals of our firm by your side, guiding your savings, reconciling your accounts, and in your corner should you ever need us. Contact us today to get your financial health in order!