What we are looking for

We are looking for caring, industrious, and dynamic personalities to cultivate our growing organization. We aren’t an accounting firm that sits and adds numbers day in and out – we have a company culture of making each day fun, smart, and yes, sometimes crazy. Although we are extremely knowledgeable, we believe that there is always room for continuous learning and striving to be better today than we were yesterday – collectively.

Our core values

Our core values are integrity first, last, and always, and that is both to the clients we serve and the wonderful people who put their-all into taking our organization to the next level. We strive to always give back both to the people who put our faith in us, by delivering the highest quality product and also to the community where we live. We are all in this together, and work is just one component where we stay connected, but we try to do so on so many other levels.


Just as we believe that our customers are more than just the sum of their numbers on paper, we believe the same of our employees. At Baldwin Associates, our mission is to make your position with us not a starting point, but a beginning point to advance alongside our organization. We value the lives of both the people that join our team and their families, which is why we continually seek to ensure the perfect work/life balance for all. When you come aboard, we consider you a part of the Baldwin Associates family.

join our team

Whether you are just getting your career underway, switching gears, or starting over, if you are ready to put down roots, dig in your heels, and enjoy the ride, join our team – we intend to do some really amazing things with your help.