Five Signs Your Small Business Needs an Accounting Firm

For many business owners just starting out, accounting is something that they can manage on their own. But as a business starts to grow, your finances begin to take

For many business owners just starting out, accounting is something that they can manage on their own. But as a business starts to grow, your finances begin to take on a life of their own and demand more of your time and attention than you may have to give. The key to any successful operation is for you to focus on what you do best and delegate those things that you might not be as good at to those who are. Growth is a good thing, and if you are at a crossroads where you are considering whether accounting firms in Mt. Pleasant, SC are warranted, then that is also a good thing. These are five signs that you need assistance for success.

You’re Spending a Considerable Amount of Time Doing Accounting

Your business is most successful when you are the person running it and making your service or product as awesome as it can be – not when you are counting invoices or trying to balance ledgers. According to statistics, trying too hard to multitask can make you 40% less productive than when you can focus on the task at hand. If you are finding that you are shirking your responsibilities or not getting the big-picture things done due to finances, then it is time to hire an accounting firm.

You’re Putting Too Much Trust in Employees

Everyone wants to trust their employees, but when it comes to putting them into a position where money might be a temptation, trusting blindly might not be the best way to go. When you outsource your accounting, there is a certain accountability and safety net that you simply don’t get when you hire someone in-house. This may be considered another form of control which helps you maintain confidentiality within your business.

You’re Causing Payroll Delays

Your employees probably love to work for you, but they also are not doing it to be altruistic. A surefire way to make your employees less motivated – or even to lose talent – is to not pay attention to their financial needs and to delay their payroll checks. They count on you to give them money to provide for them and theirs; make sure that you follow through to avoid any ill feelings on their part.

Your Accounting System is a Filing Cabinet

If you are still running your business by putting things into a filing cabinet, then it might be time to update things. Your financial health is imperative to make big-picture decisions about how to grow your company and be prosperous. If you aren’t making good use of data and financial analyses, then you are missing the boat. An accounting firm in Mt. Pleasant can make your financial records available when you need them so you aren’t sifting through your filing cabinet, missing important information that can help, or only looking at your financial health during tax season.

You’re Experiencing Growing Pains

Again, being a leader is all about guiding the way. If you are so bogged down in the day-to-day, there is no way that you can put forth the energy necessary for growth. When you allow the right people to do what they do best and recognize that your growth – however awesome and unexpected it is – is too much, you will likely see that hiring an accounting firm is the best solution for everyone.

There comes a time in a growing business that a business owner has to make certain concessions and delegate what they can to focus their energy where they should. If you are spending too much time on your bookkeeping, you are probably missing the big picture. At Baldwin CPA, our mission is to take the financial concerns off your plate while supplying you with all the rich analyses and data resources you need to focus on the task of growth and prosperity. Don’t get caught up in the small details – be the one with the big-picture ideas! Contact us today to get started.